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telegram messenger has some really big groups and channels. monetizing them is quite difficult, telegram guru provides one of the best ways to monetize telegram messengers groups, channels, and bots.

at telegram guru, we are working with telegram messenger clients and API since the beginning and we are working hard to share the latest ideas and tricks with you in order to provide the best experience.

why you should consider monetizing your telegram groups and channels?

telegram messenger has a separate fan base because of its advanced features and AI bots. also, it is cloud-based and has supergroups that can accommodate 200000 members.

telegram channels are best when it comes to regular message broadcasting and real-time alerts. many for signal sites are working with telegram API for instant messaging.

with so many opportunities monetizing groups and channels can earn some real revenue and side income sources.
telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service and it is growing fast.

hobby groups and channels can be monetized and can earn some good side income.

how to monetize telegram?

supergroups and channels with a considerable audience base can monetize them with paid links or affiliate ads.

telegram communities for specific objectives can put on third party ads like direct links and earn up to five dollars for every 1000 impressions.

monetize with teleguru bot

telerobot is an initiative from telegramguru.online in order to provide an easy and trustworthy solution to monetize telegram groups and channels.

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telegurubot is link exchange bot which provides latest telegram links, tips, and tricks related to telegram messenger and Updates


teleguru bot pay 5$ for 1000 impressions also it with promoting your telegram link across telegram guru network. and help in boosting the audience.

its win win for groups and channels owners ,as they will get cash as well as link promotions. while monetizing there telegram links.

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