Telegram groups are best when having conversations with friends family colleagues. if you are looking for the best group link and supergroups to join on telegram messenger then you are on the right website.

we have gathered thousands of telegram group links for you according to the country’s niches and interests. here we will provide the list of some of the best groups and supergroups available on telegram messenger.

The telegram messenger was introduced back in 2013 and from then it has improved a lot and came with some of top of line features supergroups are one of them. what makes it more interesting is that a telegram group can accommodate up to 200000 members.


telegram group link

There are many websites on the web listing telegram groups and channels without any proper relevance it is mostly done due to free and paid promotions but it also creates a bad user experience on users’ Telegramguru you will find all the valid and active invite links as we update our site daily with active group links.

what is Telegram group chat?

Suppose you want a social group for friends and family where you can chat group voice call or group video call also you can add as many as participants also you can share huge files like images and videos and pin multiple important messages all together .wouldn’t it will be awesome ?

well, the telegram group does all of it even more than what we have stated above. now you know why telegram groups are so popular nowadays and why so many are searching for telegram groups links all over the internet.

Telegram groups are among best tools if you are looking forward to build audience online as there are so many feature which can actually help users in managing telegram messenger groups and channels.

Telegram bots are a set of pre-programmed set of software built-in telegram which helps in managing messages and spams in telegram groups best part you can customize a telegram bot according to the group requirements.

How to join a telegram group?

There is no proper way to search for a telegram group that is why Telegramguru is here to help. first of all, you will need to know what type of telegram group link you want to join on our website we have thousand of invite links of telegram groups and channels for you to join.

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