15 Terrific Telegram Groups Singapore Lists

We all live in a world where most of us are glued to our phones. Regardless, many people are unaware of the telegram app which holds together all the unique features of similar apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp etc. So, here we have presented for you the lists of 15 amazing Telegram Groups Singapore which will be beneficial in gathering the latest news, communication and much more.

The telegram has become a flourishing hub for all sorts of bite-sized information. So, if you were interested in discovering the famous Telegram Groups Singapore, then let’s get started with the article.

Popular Telegram Groups Singapore

We have collected here the list of best Telegram Groups Singapore sorting from all over the telegram app. Following are distinctive and active groups in telegram to join if you want to know more about Singapore and communicate directly with their native people.

Telegram Group Singapore Links:-


It is one of the largest Telegram Group of Singapore. If you want to collect information about the latest cafes in the town, food reviews and recommendations, culinary news etc then this group is the fairest pocket guide for you.

https://t.me/sgfoodlobang – join through this link.

  • Student Perks –

This is a private group created for students which help them in fixing their budgeting issue by providing discounts on foods, drinks, and much more.

https://t.me/joinchat/TxqQuSdtT1fWlFFt – join here


These Singapore telegram channels have all the information regarding Singaporean deals and promotions varying from drinks, travel, beauty, fashion, food and so on.

https://t.me/goodlobang – join the telegram group here

  • GoodToFly –

This Telegram Group Singapore provides the best & latest travel deals and promotions with staycation details so that whenever you book your next trip, you have the proper info.

https://t.me/goodtofly – join from here.

  • Good2GoSG –

If you want to spice up your dates, party and hangouts at the most fascinating places of outings in Singapore, then this telegram group will provide all the information.

https://t.me/good2gosg – join from this link.

  • Confirm Good –

In this telegram group, you will get accurate guidance, life hacks and everything that you need to discern about what makes living amusing and fresh. Get the latest news, happenings etc of Singapore.

https://t.me/confirmgood – join here.

  • Parent Code –

This Telegram group Singapore provide important and useful parenting tips and advice. It has a lot of beneficial content such as deals for parents & family events.

https://t.me/parentcode – join from this link.

  • Vanity Suite –

It is a one-stop Singapore Telegram Group for all those glamour lovers. It contains all sorts of hottest deals on makeup, skincare products, fashion deals and so on.

https://t.me/vanitysuite – check it out from here.

  • Fitness Level Up –

This Telegram Channel of Singapore is dedicated to all the fitness freaks. It delivers all the essential information regarding gym membership & discounts, fitness tips etc.

https://t.me/fitnesslevelup – join swiftly.

  • News Outpost –

This is a perfect destination for all bite-sized news and updates of Singapore. The news that they provide are from authentic sources such as CNA, straitstimes etc.

https://t.me/newsoutpost – join from here.

Other 5 interesting Telegram Groups Singapore

  • @ NextInTech –


  • @ GoodLobangPolice –


  • @ Night Life Collective –


  • @ SG Dance –


  • @ Ugly Food Fresh Produce-


From travel updates to the daily news to fashion deals we have covered the links to the best telegram groups in Singapore. Get all the information about Singapore that you wanted by joining the telegram group link.


In this post, we have selected the best 15 Telegram Group Singapore for you people. Join these groups and get information about Singapore. If you are an avid Telegram user, here are some exciting articles for you. Click on these links and check them out.

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