telegram channels

Best Telegram channels 2021

telegram channels can have unlimited number of subscribers and only only admins have power to post content on channels. unlike telegram groups ,channels show name and phot of the channel net to messages instead of the person who posted them.

many media organizations and public figures use channels telegram channels to stay in touch with their audiences and fans.

How to create Telegram channels ?

to create your own channel on telegram messenger ,open the “New message ” menu on telegram and choose “new channel”.

Newly created channels starts as private but you can edit thier profile and make them public if you need.

Features of Telegram channels ?

Autoplaying videos and rich media

channels aren’t just for text messages and links telegram supports wide range of content types, from auto plaving videos to animated stickers, polls and beyond

videos will start playing automatically with no sound .pressing volume button on the device unmutes the video, tapping on it launches the video from the beginning in full screen.

several photos can be send together in the form album with beautiful layout and only result in one notification to your subscribers for the whole batch


you can use polls to judge public opinion, make decisions and help your audience connect with you better. quiz style polls are to make things fun and to add extra educational value to your posts .

Discusson Groups

if you want to know what people think about the posts you have shared on channel then you can set up an discussion group and link it to telegram channel. it will share all the posts forwarded on channel to discussion group.

subscribers will see comment button for each post in the channel. comments will show up in thread of their own and also land in the discussion group.