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in the era of social networks and online chatting, telegram messenger is one of the top-rated messengers globally.

there are many reasons that brought telegram on top, some of them are mentioned below.

telegram messenger best features

  • secret chats
  • self-destructed messages
  • replace the mobile number with username
  • huge capacity groups, up to two hundred thousand members
  • admins get more features, ability private and public groups and channels.
  • telegram bots are ultra-useful.
  • many apps available on telegram API plus messenger,best-gram, telegram x, etc.
  • cloud-based platform
  • unlimited sharing limit for files like music, videos, pictures and documents ( > 1.5 GB )

telegram channels

telegram channels are becoming popular day by day countries like Indonesia, Brazil and India uses telegram channels more and more nowadays.

on telegram channels you can share the big sized file with multiple subscribers instantly. videos, movies, audio, documents anything can be shared.

and unlike any other apps on telegram channels, there is no restriction of file sizes, FYI whats messenger does not allow to send video more than 30 Megabytes in size, and not more than 30 material in once.

with the telegram, file size is not an issue as you can send a hundred files at once and also you can share gigabytes of data in once.

adult telegram channels 18+

telegram messenger does have a channel for everything you can think of, with so many users there are more groups and channels than ever.

adult telegram channels and groups on telegram messenger accept only users who are more than eighteen years of age. anyone who is older than 18 years can join these adult channels.


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