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Malaysia is a socially active country. many tourists from different countries visit Malaysia on vacations.

another famous thing from Malaysia is their food culture with tons of food varieties ranging from Indian spicy foods to Italian. Malaysia is a tourist paradise.

in recent years telegram messenger has grown fast and its popularity is growing day by day.

in Malaysia and Indonesia telegram has grown because of the level of globalization going in these countries and foreigners visiting from different countries but most of them are using telegram as there instant messaging service.

telegram messenger is used globally and in developing countries like Brazil and India, Malaysia, the telegram has grown its audience base recently.

Malaysian audience also loves telegram for its security and features, there are many Malaysian communities for various purposes.

telegram messenger and client app based on telegram API has more than 200 million active users and USA based news agency revealed that telegram messenger has more than 300 million active users.

telegram is growing because of its powerful and secure feature like secret chats , private channels , supergroups and bots .

many users from what’s app are migrating to telegram in many countries this situation is going on and Malaysia is one of them.

you can see many groups and supergroups have surfaced from the county. but most of them are spam links with no actual good content.

to sort out this issue, we at telegram guru, research for active and well-managed groups and channels so you will get the best experience on telegram messenger.

Malaysia telegram groups



Tech Malaysia
Stickers chat
Online income

these are links to some of the best telegram groups from Malaysia you can check our other post for various telegram groups and channels.

we also provide the latest tips and tricks regarding telegram messenger and API .

why choose telegram messenger over other apps?

there are hundreds of instant messaging apps available in the market with social giants like Facebook, what’s an app and Snapchat and Instagram. users prefer mainly for its unique features and advanced security. by default, it’s not activated but you can choose an end to end encryption to chat with other users.
and secret chats are one of the cool features of telegram messenger.

why different clients for telegram messenger?

Telegramis supported by the Russian-born entrepreneur Pavel Durov, and it’s open-source also, its founder invited third party developers to create apps on telegram API. some examples of these apps are plus messenger, videogram, telegram x etc.

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