Benefits of using Telegram messenger

telegram messenger benefits

there are tons of instant messaging services available on the internet, let see the benefits of using Telegram messenger What makes telegram messenger better than other instant messaging services?

there are literally so many social messaging apps available on the internet, in this article, we will discuss few awesome features of Telegram messenger which make it the best-messaging service.

let see the benefits of using Telegram messenger

Simple yet powerful

User interface of telegram messenger is quite simple and very easy to understand.

A person with basic understanding of using mobile apps can easily understood user interface of telegram messenger.

With the help of easy user interface telegram messenger offers tons of features to the app users for example secret chats,

channels, groups,bots.

Literally everything unlimited

According to users telegram messenger is a limitless app ,

what i mean by it is on this app you can create huge audience base just like instagram or Facebook.

There are over four hundred million active users on telegram. And the unique thing is you can create groups with unlimited members or a channels with unlimited members.

Actually limit for groups is 200000 members and in the history of telegram messenger only few groups have grown so much.

For channels there are no limit there are some channel with over five million users.


modern instant messaging app like instagram, Facebook, whats app

all have bots but there is a main difference between these app.

Telegram bots does a lot of things and they are pretty much configurable easily. Where what’s app doesn’t allow much interaction between users and bots.

One thing you should definitely know about telegram bots

they can control groups and channel and most of your telegram messenger with only few commands.

A telegram bot is an articficial and intelligent set of commands which can be

managed and configured via manybot and botfather .

Secret chat

Suppose you want to chat some one without revealing your identity then secret works best.

In secret chat you can auto delete msgs after some time ,also you can delete sent messages.

On of the awesome features of secret chat is, it is fully encrypted end to end so a user privacy is taken cared of.

Secret chat can be started with a tap of a button and can be deleted instantly too , also any telegram user can start secret chat with other user without revealing any personal information.


Almost everyone knows about telegram groups, there are tons of popular telegram groups links available on web.

telegram groups can hold up to 200000 members in a single group. And many global groups available on telegram with that many members.

One main benefit of using telegram messenger groups is that it can be managed by telegram bots. Also, it is very easy to customize commands in a bot to manage a private and public telegram group.

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Telegram channels are very popular among growing countries there are tons of telegram channels available with millions of active members.

Basically a telegram channel is just like a blog in a app where you can share anything like pictures and videos also text msgs .

For social influencers its best set up as its work in real time and every post and messages are shared to subscribers instantly.

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Telegraph is an amazing blog service from telegram messenger . Most of the people un aware about it.

Its a great iniate from telegram messenger , basically it’s vlogging service where you can write your blogs without any hosting or sign up just open the website and boom note pad is infront of you.

Also analytics is available on telegraph so you can see views and other analytics on your blot easily.

self destructing messages

this feature is among top feature of telegram messenger and its major benefit of using telegram messenger . you can set timer on chat and after that time the messages will destruct itself. its best when using app like telegram where we to meet so many stranger peoples.

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