Video calls now on telegram messenger checkout latest updates

On 14th of august 2020 telwgram messenger has completed its seven years in service. Latest updates came with many features video calls among top.

Did you know? telegram messenger in also among top ten messaging app and its used globally.

With so many exclusive features telegram has more than four hundred million active users and these users are from all over the world.

Latest updates on telegram messenger

Video calls

Literally, it was the most awaited feature on telegram messenger competitor apps like WhatsApp has brought video calls way back.

In last 7 years since telegram is growing becouse of its unique features like secret chats, channels and supergroups. Apart from video calls telegram has it all and now it seems telegram messenger is all in one complete app.

Now alpha version od video calls is available to download on android as well as ios. Now one of the unique thing about telegram video calls is that it supports pictures in pictures mode and it means you do multiple task on your phone while having video calls with your friends and family.

Video source

Telegram messenger also announced that new updates and features will be available soon on telegram messenger like groups video calls etc.

More Animated emojis

Telegram already has tons of emojis and stickers and you can also create stickers of your own. With the latest updates telegram has brought new emojis it will help you a lot in chatting with friends and sharing thoughts through emojis.

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