Best telegram groups for may and June 2020

telegram guru brings you the hot list of top telegram super groups, channels, and bots get most of it now and enjoy your quarantine.

hey folks, I hope you are doing well, today we came up with a list of popular groups and channels on telegram messenger.

join various channels and groups according to your interests.

Telegram messenger

almost everyone is aware of telegram and nowadays many people are using telegram for various purposes.

from chatting with friends to get the latest notification from health ministry telegram messenger is among favorite social messaging services globally.

there are many social messaging apps but there are some features and those features make telegram messenger on top of the choices.

top features of telegram messenger

there are tons of features available on telegram messenger some of the coolest features are mentioned below .

these awesome features are available for android as well as telegram for ios.

  • self destruct messages on secret chats
  • manage telegram media easily
  • hide your last seen, from some specific peoples
  • message notification and a preview can be turned off
  • Add your personal stickers
  • keep service alive
  • Telegram bots
  • personal cloud storage
  • supergroups
  • channels
  • search other users with the username
  • create telegram APIs
  • local groups
  • add nearby peoples
  • edit sent messages
  • Send silent messages
  • schedule messages
  • set reminders.
  • quick gif and youtube search
  • slow mode in groups
  • telegram polls
  • telegram quiz
  • timestamp for videos
  • turn off notification for individual chats
  • use multiple telegram accounts
  • custom telegram themes
  • auto night mode
  • lock your chats
  • Share live location
  • pin messages in groups and channels

here are some awesome features which makes life easy while using telegram messenger and API.

Telegram super groups

one of the popular features of telegram messenger is telegram super groups because it can hold up to 200000 members in a single chat group.

also managing these super groups are a lot easier with bots, telegram bot is a piece of software that be configured according to group admins need.

telegram bots can even send welcome messages to every new user who joins these supergroups and can also stop them from posting spam contents.

invite links of best telegram super groups are listed below join them and get get most of them

Global dating
fun chat
chat global
International friends
global friends
Tinder Latina hispana
Brasil Portugues
Teen chat
USA-Canada chat
Plenty of fish
Friends with benefits
English group
Masti point
chai sutta bar
Dating room
Desi HD
funny home
xda ot
Asia & Rus dating
girl 4 girl
telegram link share
Europe dating
miss naughty
sticker chat

comment your group links :)