10+ Best Telegram Trading Groups


Nowadays, Telegram is a popular and on-demand application in comparison to other similar apps. The popularity of the telegram app is due to unique features in groups and channels, privacy and encryption. As stock market trading is booming in the upcoming future, people are also showing enormous interest in it. With huge vogue, Telegram trading groups has become one of the best sources of stock market trading tips, advice, and current news regarding every sort of trading whether it is equity intraday, positional, futures or options. These telegram channels and groups have been a hub of more than thousands of members from every region of the globe.

Telegram Trading Groups

But there are numerous Telegram trading groups, many of them stress more on paid service for providing information and advice related to stock market trading. Do you think they are genuine or you should go for paid services? Well, according to me you shouldn’t go for any kind of paid service as several genuine popular telegram groups offer trading tips & news for free.

Table of Contents:-

  • Top 10 Telegram trading groups
  1. Stock Pro official ( SEBI registered )
  2. NSE Stock Pro
  3. Nifty 50 & Stocks
  4. NSE Masters
  5. 20 paisa.com ( Banknifty options )
  6. Stock Masters
  7. Wealth Citi
  8. Market Edge
  9. Shree Tech Analysis
  10. Usha Analysis
  11. Options Trading Telegram Groups
  12. Conclusion

Top 10 Telegram trading groups

Before we move ahead to the best telegram channels for trading, we would like to tell you that these telegram group link are selected based on some specific traits. Based on these unique features make them stand apart and distinctive from other stock market trading channels. Some of these selected features include the number of subscribers, success rate, quality of calls, views to subscribers ratio, promotion percentage and so on. The most interesting and best aspect is that all these groups in telegram app provide free calls.

So, let’s have a glance at the list of the top 10 amazing Telegram trading groups that will procure you lots of trading tips and insight. Also, we will give you the telegram group link so that you can join and get the maximum benefit out of it.

  • Stock Pro Official –

t.me/ StockPro _Official Banknifty

  • NSE Stock Pro –


  • Nifty 50 & Stocks –


  • NSE Masters –


  • 20 Paisa.com –


  • Stock Masters –


  • Wealth Citi –


  • Market Edge –


  • Shree Tech Analysis –

t.me/ shreetechanalysis

  • Usha Analysis-


Here, are the telegram top group links to enhance and grow your awareness in stock market trading. You can learn and remain updated about all the trading news through these Telegram trading groups.

Options Trading Telegram Groups

Newbie traders ponder that options trading can be done only by masterminds of the stock market but that’s only a false notion. It’s authentic that options trading is a bit more complicated than equity trading but by learning a few crucial skills, you can earn more money in future by trading in options.

So, we will first give you the basic information about options trading. Options are secondary agreements that bestow the right to choose a buyer to trade or sell the securities at a particular rate on or before a specific date. But beware, if you are thinking of doubling your money overnight, options trading is not the right choice for you then.

Here are a few names and link to telegram groups for gaining more knowledge about options trading.

  • The Options Club –


  • Profits Everyday –


  • Banknifty tips traders –


  • TradeOnomics $ –



It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice trader or have experience in stock market trading, you can join a telegram invite link group to maximise your knowledge. Be a part of these Telegram trading groups and learn more regarding trading tips, updates and other information to boost your future revenue.

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