Telegram Update 8.0 enables Users to Own a TV Station.

You are aware of the great rivals, WhatsApp and telegram but now WhatsApp is way behind telegram. Let me tell you why. Well, telegram recently announced a big update for its users. The update will remove the cap of the number of viewers watching the live stream at a time. Also, a viewer could raise a hand and join the broadcast if the host allows them to do so.

There are noticeable modifications visible in the app now. Telegram has also improved the way messages are forward between groups and chats.

Telegram update 8.0 also lets users share stickers in the app and it will also show if a user is choosing a sticker during the chat. Telegrams developer said that they will keep adding new stickers for users to use.

Well, we are going to talk briefly about the new telegram update 8.0 in this article so stay tuned till the end…

Unlimited Live Streams

According to the developers of the apps, you can run your tv station on telegram now. The telegram update 8.0 lets unlimited numbers of viewers participate in a live stream now. This means there are no limitations on the number of viewers which was not possible with the Telegram app earlier. Telegram 8.0 now enables users to raise a hand during live streams and lets the host choose whether he wants them to speak or not.

Flexible Forwarding.

When we talk about forwarding the messages after telegram Update 8.0. It has improved to a great extent. Telegram will now let users preview the message before they forward it to a group or a person. Users will now be able to customize the appearance of the forwarded message i.e hiding username or hiding the caption on the media messages.

Easier to Navigate Channels

Telegram update 8.0 now lets users scroll through the channels they are subscribed to without going back to the chat list. Users can simply scroll through the channels that are unread yet. Well, that’s an amazing feature. Let me know in the comment section if to think it’s cool 😉

Fun Stickers

Telegram update 8.0 comes with a major update. Telegram now lets users share stickers in-app. The app will now let users find trending stickers in the sticker panel. This feature was earlier available to only other messaging but telegram 8.0 has joined the race now.

Other Major improvements

After telegram 8.0 update. The app will show choosing a sticker when a user will open the sticker panel. Before this telegram used to show typing and recording a voice message. Also, telegram developers have added some cute emojis for users too. You can check them out on the app.

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