Telegram messenger becomes the most downloaded app in the world

Telegram messenger which was founded back in 2013 by the Russian entrepreneur pavel Durov becomes the most downloaded app across the globe.

Whatsapp and telegram messenger were rivals from the beginning but after seven years of tough competition between these two apps people have started choosing TELEGRAM messenger .

There are numerous reasons why users have started using telegram messenger. There are regular features updates telegram is fast ,secure and much more.

In January 2021, Telegram has 63 million downloads alone making it most downloaded app in the world. Top countries includes india with 24 percent of the downloads. Indonesia came second with 10 million downloads.

Why users are switching to telegram messenger ?

As said whatsapp Messenger was the real rival of Telegram since the beginning.

In January facebook owned WhatsApp Messenger has made some serious changes in policy and user data collection. Due to this users started dumping whatsapp and switching to telegram messenger.

Telegram is bringing up some best features in thier app like secret chats,super groups, Telegram channels ,bots ,games etc.

Some of the latest features include group video calls and group voice chats.

Some of the other benefits in Telegram are: Telegram has an app-level passcode. Telegram’s group chats are encrypted. All chats on Telegram are encrypted. Files sent over Telegram are encrypted. As mentioned above, all chats are encrypted.

Telegram has no servers or data centers in Russia. Telegram is also supported on Windows, MacOS, Linux and through a web app. No one can add you to the group unless you permit by changing the setting and once you leave a group, admin cannot add you unless you join back voluntarily.

The best part is, one can use Telegram without owning a smartphone with the help of Telegram Web. We can also edit and delete our message and it will reflect in all members phone.

How to transfer old WhatsApp chat on Telegram guide

  • First of all you will need to open a chat on WhatsApp and then you have to tap on three vertical dots sitting on the top of right corner.
  • Tap on the export > chat and then select Telegram messenger in share menu.
  • You will get an option to restore with lr without media ,choose it according to your choice and voila you are done.

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