Ten Best Telegram Channels you can join

Telegram is one of the simplest instant messaging apps in some ways. Making a gaggle of thousands of individuals, sending large files, chatting with stickers, seeking help from bots, etc. are some features where Telegram is best than other messaging apps like WhatsApp. But one among the foremost amazing things on Telegram is ‘Channels‘. There are an enormous number and sort of channels on Telegram. So, here are a number of the simplest Telegram channels which will be useful for you counting on your interest.

Ten best Telegram channels

Curiosity Tea™

On this channel, you’ll find answers to some science questions which may have occurred to you a minimum of once. you’ll grow your mental muscles by reading their posts daily. They also post videos if it’s needed for explaining any question. So, join this channel and grow smarter every day.

Just Wallpapers

This is the highest telegram channel for downloading amazing HD wallpapers. you’ll find wallpapers for your phone and PC from all categories like forest, sea, sky, mountains, nature, rain, buildings, roads, etc. The preview image is little in size but you’ll clearly see how the image will look on your phone’s home screen then you’ll download the first quality image from there only.

Google Facts™

Ifyou wishto read mind-blowing and unknown facts,this is oftenthe place for you. Here,you’llfind unique factsassociated withhealth, countries, technology, animals, phobia, space, love, and whatnot. They post daily with the hashtags and you’ll find facts associated withan identical topics by tapping on the hashtag

GIF Channel

GIFs are shared daily onthe web during ahuge amount. Everyone likes cats, dogs, sports GIFs and now reaction GIFs are way too popular for expressing your feelings about any post anywhere onthe web. On this channel,you’llfind GIFs of all categories from animals to nature and from epic stunts to epic fails. Save them and sharetogether with yourfriends


We have something for the football lovers too. Telegram’s Football channel is sort of amazing. They post the newest photos and videos that are associated with Football. Moreover, they’re going to also keep you updated with the news that revolves around the Football world. This amazing channel also includes a like and dislike button with every post they upload, in order, that you’ll give your impression about those posts.

Planet Earth

Talking about the land, here is another nice channel with similar content.this is oftennotan enormouschannel but they post really beautiful HD pictures of cities, mountains, waterfalls, animals, Adventures, etc.you’lleven find some good GIFs of nature. They postan imagepreview andthereuponthe downloadable picture with original quality.


Why juststayon planet Earth?you’lljoin this channel for your love of science and space.you’llgetto understandabout everythingassociated withspace like NASA missions, rockets, galaxies, exoplanets, etc. Pictures, GIFs, videos, expedition history, discoveries, etc. are posted here regularly.

Critical thinking

Ifyou’rea thinkerand sometimes farwhilebrooding aboutevents, the behaviorof individuals, psychology, logic etc. thenthis is oftenthe place for youto reinforceyour reasoning and line of thought. They post small articles or definitionsalong sidethe reading time and source of the article.


Squareoffis the best channel for getting insights intostock exchangeactivities in India. They post the list of market gainers, stocksto observe,and other pieces of data daily. Square off is an investment advisor website registered with the Securities And Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

The Washington Post

This is probablythe solechannel on Telegram whereyou’llfind news from an authentic website. Rememberyou’llfind mostly political news here that too just 2-4 news per day. Though they post the link to the news, Telegram is wonderful andyou onlyneed totap the ‘instant view’ below the news andyou’llread that right there.

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