Turkey telegram groups

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Hey, folk’s what’s up? I hope you all are doing well. Today I brought this post on telegram groups from Turkey.

Turkey is a country with special geographical conditions connects with Asia and Europe.

As we all know telegram messenger is amongst top instant messaging (im) service apps.

Telegram supergroups have a special fan base. As we see so many telegram supergroups with huge subscribers and there are different supergroups for different purposes.

Telegram bot, an AI helper

You might have seen whenever you enter a telegram group you are welcomed by a bot.

These user bots are used to manage groups and supergroups. You can add a set of commands in these bots to work.

Telegram bots can be created using @botfather and within five minutes a telegram bot will be up and working.

There are various controls group admins that have to manage spam protection and to remove unanswered content and advertisements.

In turkey telegram users are growing day by day and many groups from turkey emerged link to some of the best groups are mentioned below join them get the most of telegram messenger.

basic group vs super groups ?

basically a telegram group with a user of less than a hundred is a basic group. once your audience will be more than a hundred then a normal telegram group can be converted into a supergroup.

also, you can use bots to manage a supergroup. and there are many bots like combot which helps in managing these telegram groups.

Turkey telegram groups

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