Active Telegram group links 2021

Hey folks, today we are back with a new post on the active Telegram groups and channels list. Nowadays many groups and channels are getting banned on telegram because of policy violations and reportings due to that many of our loved groups are gone and very few people have links to new telegram groups.

Our team at telegram guru have solved this issue we are now long term user of telegram messenger and API, so we searched of telegram channels and groups and came up with a list of popular and active Telegram groups of various categories.

There are so many awesome groups available on telegram for your needs and requirements for example for pubg lovers telegram has hundreds of groups with active players. These telegram groups have a capacity of 200000 members so there is no worry of space and limitations.

Telegram guru team requests you to follow telegram guidelines on groups and channels to avoid getting banned. There are new policy changes on telegram messenger and API, also follow group rules which are applied by group moderators and admins otherwise they will throw you out of the groups.

on telegram messenger due to policy changes many groups and channels are banned on ios devices, if you use ios devices visit web version of telegram messenger for joining groups, this is one of the tricks for apple users, especially because ios, do not allow adult or any 18+ content so for them on telegram messenger some of the groups are not visible.

Below list contains links of some active Telegram groups join them and get most of the fun from them.

pink villa

times square

Fun house

Love bites


Desi group


Viral videos

International friends

Bikini lovers


rang yang

Telugu memes



Only funny video

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comment your group links :)