Best desktop clients for telegram Web

looking for the best telegram web client? here is the list of the top web client for desktop with a list of popular features.

One thing that offered by only telegram API is that it’s open-source and that means third party developers can build apps on already existing telegram API.

this also means that telegram API can have multiple client apps . and yes there are many apps based on telegram messenger API, whether you are a desktop user or you want to use telegram on a mobile phone. there are multiple telegram clients available, serving the purpose.

what is the telegram web?

telegram web is an extension to telegram messenger for mobile, telegram messenger has a variety of unique features one of them is the telegram web.
desktop and personal computer users who want to use telegram messenger on their pc, just need to google telegram web and they can access telegram messenger via a web browser.

what are telegram desktop clients?

telegram clients are the apps that are using telegram API you can use any of the telegram client apps to access telegram messenger there are many client apps is available for telegram API, best client app for desktops are mentioned below.

Best telegram web clients



bettergram is definitely come on top when we discuss on best telegram web clients because of its super awesome features that are enhanced by the regular telegram web client.

better gram is literally telegram web on steroids, you can pin up to fifty chats and also you have the facility to use multiple accounts on a single app.

still not satisfied well bettergram is available on various platforms whether you want to use on a desktop or a mobile, whether its an android or windows, you can get better gram clients serving the purpose.

one of the best things about bettergram clients for telegram web is that it’s an open-source app and uses telegram API that means all the features that are available on the telegram web are available on this app.

download bettergram

Telegram Desktop

Telegram messenger does have its official app for telegram web you can download it for telegrams official website.
and it works best when you use telegram on a pc and web as it supports all basic commands and very easy and simple while using.
telegram for pc works pretty fast and snappy. while using it I didn’t found any issues also this app gets updated regularly.

telegram desktop client is pretty much easy to use and understand, if you are an avid telegram user and want to use it on the desktop then you can go for it without having any second thoughts.

download TELEGRAM



station app is the hub of 670+ mobile app extensions on the station app, you can use multiple accounts of various social apps side by side.

it is available on various popular platforms for desktop-like windows, Linux and mac

the station is a desktop app of windows and mac where you can use multiple instants of various social accounts like telegram web, Facebook, whats app and many more, its like a hub of social apps where you can use multiple apps in a single app.

if you want to use multiple social accounts then the station is the right app for you because it allows users to create multiple accounts on a single app, for example, Facebook and telegram be used simultaneously on station app.

the station is one of the best telegrams web clients for desktops as well as a laptop as its a small size app and does not burden CPU.

download Station



unigram is another great client for the telegram web which is now available for windows only. what unigram offers is somewhat different.

unigram has a feature where you can use f1 to f5 buttons for groups, channels, personal chats, and bots. switching to the f1 button will bring a user on all chats he is having on the main screen.

pressing f2 will let the user show on personal chats will be visible. and all other groups and bots chats will be minimized.

pressing f3 will trigger bot chats, which means only bot chats will appear on this section while pressing f6 will show undread chat that is available on chats.

download Unigram



Ferdi is a social messaging browser that sums up all your chats in a single app. its one slack application that manages all your social media and email accounts.

Ferdi and station are similar apps and offer very much similar purposes while Ferdi is one of the best telegram web clients as it offers various other social networks to work side by side telegram on a single browser.

download Unigram

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