Best telegram messenger clients apps for android and iPhone

Looking for the best telegram client app? Get a list of features and updates on various telegram app client for android and ios.

Telegram messenger is among top social messaging services globally, what makes telegram ahead of the competition?

Well there are some features which are exclusively available only on telegram API.

Other than these unique features there are some separate exclusive features that are available client wise.

As there are so many client apps available for telegram messenger becouse of its open source structure.

Third party developers came forward to develop apps on telegram API, in todays post we will discuss about top telegram client apps for mobile.

alternatives to telegram messengers

telegram API is open source and that means third parties can create apps based on telegram messenger API .

in simple words, telegram API is available for developers to create instant messaging and chatting apps like official telegram messenger and telegram x.

Best telegram clients apps mobile

Plus messenger

plus messenger

downloaded over twenty million times on android ,Plus messenger is among top telegram messenger alternatives.

telegram messenger is great but there are third party alternatives out there on play store. so what are alternatives apps for the same telegram account?

as a telegram messenger alternative plus messenger offers more functionality than the official telegram app.

it is available for android . some of the best features of plus messenger include you can pin unlimited chats in every folder whether it is groups or channels.

also, plus messenger is one of the best-rated apps on play store with more than 20 million downloads on play store alone.

available and translated in more than twenty languages. and the best part there are many support groups for plus messenger in various languages.

Best gram


best gram for android is an unofficial telegram messenger API client app and comes second on list on best client apps based on telegram API for android and iPhone users .

its APK for android users is available on APK pure. best gram uses secure proxy servers to telegram servers which help in keeping data safe and secure.


Not only Vidogram has all the Telegram’s features, but also it has an enormous package of useful & unique extra features, prepared for you to get the most out of your messaging experience.

Free Video & Voice Call: Always wanted to make video calls while using Telegram? Our free, high quality & secure video call service is here to give you what you always wished for.

And so many other features like Live Stream, Contacts Changes, Painting Tool, Online Contacts, Voice Changer, Download Manager, Chat Marker, Video Mode For GIFs, Username Finder and many more that you should discover yourself.

telegram messenger official

telegram messenger

official telegram messenger is super awesome as it still beats whats app in its own the game. although there are a lot of alternative apps for the messenger.

but no other messenger matches the simplicity of the official telegram app.

telegram and telegram x both offer very simple and understandable interface.

also official telegram messenger offer fast instant messaging as they are directly connected to telegram servers .

other messenger comes with extra features which causes heavy battery drain.

telegram x

telegram x

I prefer the interface on this compared to the original telegram. The interface is very smooth and seamless and def one of the fastest transfer or upload of pictures, files or documents. I would continue to use and trust this service.

I loved the App and one of the most amazing app i have ever used Its just simply Amazing Super fast super light the only problem with it is when it connects to the server Otherwise I would give 5 stars and The most amazing Feature is Secret chat

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