Earn Money with Telegram messenger 2020

A simple guide to start making money on telegram messengers and API

It may sound weird but trust me you can make money with Telegram. It has over 200 million users, and it can be an excellent opportunity to you because you can earn money from capitalizing those users. Recently I have shared many ways to earn money online, and they got a great response. That’s why I am writing this article on making money with Telegram.

I am using telegram messenger and API right from thr beginning and honestly i have seen many guyw making good money with Telegram groups and channels.

You can make a channel or a group and put up ads on them in return of some bucks.

Why telegram messenger?

Everyone who uses telegram messenger knows about TELEGRAM API, there are tons of messenger running on telegram API some of the amazing examples are plus messenger and best gram for android.

As telegram api is open and anyone can develop apps and bots telegram this feature makes telegram messenger a game changer.

Unlike any other instant messaging app on telegram you can help in developing of messenger and you can even create your own version of telegram messener.

Telegram bots are intelligent set of algorithms that helps automation in your work

You don’t have to give your blood and sweat to this work, it’s easy, and you have to invert just a couple of hours per day to get a good response.

I have shared two different methods and a variety of sub-methods to earn money. I have tried to mention almost everything which I thought will be handy to make a handsome amount of cash.

Doing simple tasks referring to friends can be a good way of generating some cash.

how to earn cash via telegram messenger and API


do you know telegram has open-source API and that means you can create your own telegram messenger like apps for android as well as IOS (iPhone).

there are many apps available on play store which are monetized through advertisements. some of the popular apps are plus messenger and best gram.

this method will help developers to create some great applications on telegram messenger API.


got good content? this option is for those who have quality content, there are many telegram channels and groups that provide premium membership and paid contents.

whether it is video, audio, or text telegram messenger works like charm in file-sharing with limit up to 1.5 GB per file.

this method is already used by many telegram geeks and they are making good passive income via this method.

CPA affiliate programs and short links

this method of earning money with telegram messenger is quite popular now days. as many groups and channels owners are using this method to earn some cash.

for this method to work you will need a telegram group or channel with considerable audience base, and you can share your various affiliate and short links .

comment your group links :)