How to use Telegram without downloading the app ?

The Telegram website is perfectly adapted with PWA and its very handy to use your telegram account in any web browser of any phone in the world.

Telegram as a progressive web application (PWA) Contrary to what happens with the WhatsApp web service, which needs to connect with the mobile application, On Telegram, his page works independently and as a client, both on computers and in the mobile browser. Thanks to that you can access the Telegram page using Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge or another browser to chat with all your contacts. In this way you save space on your phone without losing notifications or most of the Telegram functions.

In the browser, the platform works correctly, but our recommendation is that install your progressive web app. Despite what it may seem, you should not install an app itself since you only need to anchor the direct access of the Telegram website to your desktop. Nothing else is required to access the messaging platform.

Open the Telegram web page in your browser (Telegram Web). East must be compatible with progressive web applications or PWA: Google, Chrome, Brave, Opera, Samsung’s browser, Brave or the latest Microsoft Edge. Most browsers can install PWA applications.
Access the options menu of your browser and click on ‘Add page to start’.
Telegram will be installed as a progressive web application, it will not be a simple direct access: you can use it as if it were just another app.

Telegram web

Telegram web is a simple solution for accessing telegram messenger chat in web browser .

But now its more advanced and updated with latest features progressive web app is on of them.

Using web-based Telegram saves a lot of space on the phone (of 49.55 MB that occupies its official application to 301 KB), it does not lose the application aspect, notifications are still received the same and it allows sending messages one by one and also in groups. It does have certain limitations, those of the web.

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