Why users shouldn’t worry about ads on Telegram

In the recent post product manager of telegram messenger pavel durov mentioned some of the important that telegram users must consider

also he mentioned why users should not worry about ads on telegram messenger

below mentioned are some of the topics he discussed on his official telegram channel

There will be no ads in chats on Telegram.

Users who rely on Telegram as a messaging app, not a social network, will never see ads.

Private chats and group chats are and will always be ad-free. As I outlined in December, ads are being considered only in large one-to-many channels (like this one), which do not exist in any other messaging app.

So users ditching older apps for Telegram won’t increase the number of ads in their lives.

User data will not be used to target ads

We believe that collecting private data from users to target ads the way WhatsApp-Facebook do is immoral.

We like the approach of privacy-conscious services like DuckDuckGo: monetizing services without collecting information about users.

So if we introduce ads in one-to-many-channels, they will be contextual – based on the topic of the channel, not targeted based on any user data.

We are fixing ads that are already here

In most markets, content creators on Telegram already monetize their content by selling promotional posts in their channels. This is a chaotic market with multiple third-party ad networks pushing intrusive ads that create a negative user experience. We want to fix this situation by offering a privacy-conscious alternative for channel owners.

Users will be able to opt out of ads, but I do think that privacy-conscious ads are a good way for channel owners to monetize their efforts – as an alternative to donations or subscriptions, which we are also working to offer them.

Our end goal is to establish a new class of content creators – one that is financially sustainable and free to choose the strategy that is best for their subscribers. Traditional social networks have exploited users and publishers for far too long with excessive data collection and manipulative algorithms. It’s time to change this.

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