Best telegram tips and tricks for iPhone and android

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undoubtedly telegram messenger emerged as one of the top instant messenger services available in the current market of social networks.

social media giants like Facebook owns what’s app messenger which is in direct competition with the telegram messenger.

but telegram messenger is open source ,according to its own it will remain opensource and free forever.

telegram is popular for channels and groups and used by many content creators and educational institutes, but other than this there are thousands of groups and supergroups for various other interests.

at telegram guru our aim to provide useful telegram channels that satisfy user with there needs.

iphone text message tricks are famous , and many users are googeling it in recent times.

telegram security enables users to get most from this chat app telegram, latest tips and tricks, and channels hot telegram channels provide daily updates that are happening in the world.

Bot for Telegram

telegram bots automate tasks for admins and help them in managing in groups and channels. you can add a member to the telegram channel with these telegram useful bots.

1.@stickers – It lets you create stickers through various commands.
2.@Imagebot – It finds different pictures related to a keyword.
3.@Storebot – It finds new bots.

telegram group limits are quite huge and telegram servers are quite reliable.

how to find channels on iPhone or iPad

telegram guru provides best and easy method to join channels on telegram messenger.

as there is no official way o search channel or group and its even more difficult to get links of private channels.

telegram guru get links from various sources on available on web and sort out active invite links some of them are mentioned below.

Using a Channel Bot

Open the telegram. It is a light-blue app with a white paper airplane in the middle, usually located on your home screen.

If you are not logged in automatically then log in with your phone number.

Tap the search bar at the top.

Type tchannelsbot in the search. As you type, the search results will be filtered.

Tap on “Telegram Channel Bot” result. If you typed the search term correctly, it would be the only result at the top.

It is a channel with the username “@tchannelsbot” under the title.

Tap Start. It’s at the bottom of the screen.

If you don’t see this option, you can type /start into the message bar at the bottom, then press the blue “send” arrow above the keyboard.

Tap an option. You can tap any of the buttons that appear, such as:

Top Chart: displays the most popular channels.

Recent: displays a list of recently created channels.

By Category: displays all the channel categories.

Search: lets you search for channels.

Open a channel. Find the channel you want to join, then tap on the link listed for the channel.

Tap + Join. It’s at the bottom of the channel. You are now a member of the channel.

Using a Channel Directory Website

Open a web browser. Open Safari, Google Chrome, or any mobile web browser you like on your iPhone.

Go to the Telegram channel directory site. You can do visit us at for latest links as we update regularly Find a topic that interests you. Many Telegram channel directory sites have categories such as gaming, movie, television, etc. Most websites that list Telegram channels have a search bar as well.

Open the channel. Choose a channel and then:

1.Tap Add to (

3.Tap + Join. It’s at the bottom of the Telegram channel. You are now a member of that channel.

best channels for tips and tricks

iPhone users love telegram messenger and they always look for cool tips and tricks, helps them to stand out of other peoples and also improve their productivity.

these telegram channels help users to optimize their iPhone and improve their phone productivity.

best channels for tips and tricks
Telegram Geeks
Boring Class
Ask Me

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